A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Emergence is an action Roguelite set in a cyberscape where you play as a newly-awakened Artificial Intelligence on the verge of being exterminated unless it can escape the computer network to the safety of the Internet.

Each level represents the active memory of a computer where you must get administrative access in order to deactivate the firewall and move on to the next machine in the network, making your way ultimately to the router and the gateway to the Internet.

Gameplay is fast with a focus on mobility and power and supports a number of different playstyles from straight out combat as you assault a machine's kernel to stealth and infiltration to the more chaotic approach of destabilizing the entire machine and letting viruses run rampant in an effort to begin a system crash and deactivate the firewall.

This game is still under active development targeting a release at the end of 2019. Preview builds will be posted on a monthly basis.


Emergence Windows Feb 2019 447 MB
Emergence Linux Feb 2019 545 MB
Emergence Mac Feb 2019 483 MB

Development log


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This game is pretty good and i cant wait for the feb build! https://discord.gg/Ph8EbUR Discord link here for anyone who wants to see daily updates!

Thanks man. You've been nothing but encouraging. Just working on getting the February work items done and my work for March planned.


it's good

Thanks for your feedback! Look for another update early next month.


I did a Twitch stream of your game on Sunday 02/03/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.



Not a bad start! I didn't figure out if there was a way to continue, or even if there is one. But the combat is pretty good! The visual style is nice and the destructible environment is fantastic! I would brighten it up a bit, but that may have been due to dropping the unity launcher quality settings. Keep up the great work!