v0.3.3 Released

After a very long delay, Emergence v0.3.3 is released. This release represents a significant amount of work, much of it in the technology / architecture side of things.

Specifically, I am realizing that I will need to head to Unity and C# for long-term success on the project and I'm beginning the process of moving core logic out of the client-side application and into a new Web API the game talks to, presently just for level generation.

To offset that work, however, I have thrown in a simulation of a complete playthrough in the form of 5 total static (non-randomized) levels, with a harder "boss" level at the end.

I'm beginning work on the next major version, which will include a great deal more architectural work, but I also want to accompany it with at least one high-value feature. Please vote on what you'd like to see added the most.

Full release notes follow, including a number of significant tweaks and changes not mentioned above.

Features / Changes

Five Total Levels

The game now plays over the course of five pre-fabricated levels instead of the standard one, with victory at the end of the fifth level.

Random Core Placement

Cores are now more likely to be placed randomly throughout the level instead of isolated in the operating system kernel room.

Removed Diagonal Movement

Got rid of diagonal movement via the keyboard and mouse input. This was done to make combat navigation more interesting, allow playing more evenly on smaller keyboards and laptops, and to reduce some of the decisions tactical AI will need to make down the road once that is implemented. This movement restriction is an experiment at the moment, but my hope is that it will add depth to the game's combat down the road.

Tweaked Encounters

Individual encounters available in each room have been tweaked significantly. You'll see different distributions and configurations of enemies after this change. Some enemies may now be more or less common than they were before. Expect further tweaks to be ongoing as development continues.

Teleport Damage

Teleporting onto another entity will now damage both you and the target, while still swapping locations.

Bugfixes / Improvements

Teleporting Items

The swap command will now swap pick-ups with the player if the player tries to swap onto the spot of a pickup.

Nerdy Stuff

Level Generation Changes

Level generation logic is now accomplished via a Web API. This is in preparation to move additional logic to the C# programming language in the goal of moving to Unity once the prototype is complete.

Data-Driven Game World

Data for segments of individual levels, level arrangement, and available encounters are now stored in a data files. This helps with readability, extensibility, and moves the app closer to dynamically generated levels.


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Version 0.3.3 Jul 15, 2018

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