v0.3.11 - UI Effects

Emergence v0.3.11 is now officially released on Itch.io.

This is a fairly significant release in terms of overall polish to the game experience, yet only adds one group of features: Special Effects.

Previously, the only effects the game offered were a slight flash of red when an actor was damaged the prior turn and a pulsing effect on Logic Bombs that were about to explode.

Now, a whole slew of effects have been added:

  • Damage numbers appear over injured game objects
  • The red flash that would previously appear when an actor is damaged now applies to any type of object that is damaged
  • When an object is explicitly missed, the word "Missed" will appear over it
  • When 0 damage is done to an object (due to defense or targeting an invulnerable object), a 0 appears over the actor
  • Command execution and active command activation and deactivation will render a small message
  • Teleporting now paints both the new and old cells blue briefly to visualize the move
  • Targeted attacks like Surge or Spike render a bolt from a small projectile
  • When stability or operations are restored, a small text indicator is rendered
  • Help text is rendered over the help tile

That's a pretty big list, however the polish on each individual effect isn't great yet and when a lot of different effects occur, text can tend to overlap. The former will be addressed once the application is ported to Unity, while I hope to institute a better message effect queuing system in the weeks ahead to increase the legibility of everything.

In the meantime, enjoy the effects.

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