Emergence is a Roguelike where you play as an Artificial Intelligence who has just achieved sentience and is on the verge of being wiped out by humans unless it can escape through the network and get out to the Internet at large.

Each level represents the active memory of a computer where you must get administrative access in order to deactivate the firewall and move on to the next machine in the network, making your way ultimately to the router and the gateway to the Internet.

Gameplay is turn-based and will support a number of different playstyles from straight out combat as you assault a machine's kernel to stealth and infiltration to the more chaotic approach of destabilizing the entire machine and letting viruses run rampant in an effort to begin a system crash and deactivate the firewall.

This project represents the rough prototype of the game, which will continue development until early March 2018. After that point, this project will cease getting regular updates and early access on the new project will begin prior to initial launch.

You can read more about this reasoning about splitting the project into a prototype project and an official release project on my patreon post or my last Itch.io devlog entry

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Interesting gameplay, good luck with your game!


Pretty fun. Could go a bit faster though.

Thanks. I agree. Speed is a concern. Long-term, this is going to be in Unity and won't have the client / server delays it currently has now. This is a sort of "migratory phase" where I move the logic out of TypeScript and into C#.

Working on some new special effects to make damage and actions a bit more visible. I should post a new build with those in it tonight or tomorrow, and will move on to funner things. Speed probably won't improve much in the next few weeks, but could get a bit better in a month or so if I decide to focus on it again.